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Resilience and Domestic Violence

I believe we can do better for victims and all those who are touched by domestic violence. We hear the horror stories, but there are also many inspirational stories about survival and resilience. I want to shift the conversation off of damaging stereotypes. We should not ask “Why doesn’t she just leave?” We should ask about everything that affects coping, from custody battles to homelessness to trying to uphold religious or other values. This website is a place where you can learn more about strengths-based approaches to victimization.

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A New Approach to Safety Planning

The VIGOR is a new FREE safety plan that is personalized and strengths-based. The VIGOR is the first major innovation in domestic violence safety planning in more than 20 years. Research with the VIGOR found that 86% of victims found it more helpful than other safety planning. It is based on Multiple Criteria Decision Making, a well-known approach for dealing with complex problems of all types.

Find out more about the VIGOR and the inspiration behind it in Battered Women’s Protective Strategies: Stronger Than You Know (Interpersonal Violence)

Training & Technical Assistance

Want to learn more about using the VIGOR? Dr. Sherry Hamby is available for training and technical assistance. She is a sought-after speaker and gives numerous workshops every year.
Dr. Hamby also regularly gives talks on resilience, on making prevention and intervention more strengths-based, on gender issues in violence, and on The Web of Violence: Exploring Connections Among Different Forms of Interpersonal Violence and Abuse (SpringerBriefs in Sociology). As founding editor of Psychology of Violence (a top 10 journal in Family Studies and Criminology), she keeps fully up-to-date on the latest innovations and trends in violence research, prevention and intervention. Help your community of providers stay up to date!

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Featured on National Latin@ Network

Our latest VIGOR translations have been featured on the National Latin@ Network‘s blog, in both English and SpanishWith the help of  Martha Hernandez Martinez and Heidi Notario, Casa de Esperanza: National Latin@ Network, as well as Anna Segura, Universitat de Barcelona, the VIGOR has been translated into Spanish and Catalan. You can access the translations in Latin Spanish, Español, and Catalan on our website, as well as the National Latin@ Network.

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For abstracts and presentations, go to
I have a new, easy-to-use, self-report measure for domestic violence THAT DOES NOT SHOW GENDER PARITY! Now online first in Psychology of Violence.
I recently presented at the Trajetvi (Trajectoiresde Violence Conjugaleet de RechercheD’Aide) in Montreal. Click here to view my presentation in English and French (translated by Sabrina Diotte, Isabelle Gagnon, Patrick Ladouceur & Marie-Marthe Cousineau).
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